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Using The TSC Drive


This year, we're changing the way you store your iMovie and Garageband projects at the Technology Solutions Center - to make it easier for you. Before, you had to sit at the same iMac in the lab to work on your project, and if two people had to use the same iMac, it wasn't possible. Now, you'll be able to work on your project from any iMac in the lab! It works by storing your project files on a server, instead of the iMac itself. Please follow these directions to learn how to backup and restore your projects to ensure you'll be able to access them from anywhere.


Because the TSCSHARE media drive is intended for use in only the TSC lab, we must create share folders for users on a per-project basis. We ask that you fill out a simple web form at least 48 hours before you'll need access to the drive. 

You'll be asked to login with your EagleNet username and password. Then, you will be directed to a page where you will need to fill out some information about your project including the purpose, the start and end dates of your project, and any team members. Including team members allows more than one person in the group access to the storage space in case someone gets sick or must be absent from the group meeting.

Notice: Your project will be PERMANENTLY DELETED 1 week after the project end date you provide on the form. Please plan to make arrangements with TSC Management prior to the deletion date if you would like to keep a copy of your project. Tiffanie Tran, TSC Project Developer, can transfer your files onto a flash drive you provide if you'd like to keep your project files.

Terms of Use:

  • You agree to answering a survey of your experience after your project is completed.
    The results shall remain anonymous and will be used to make the services better.
  • You agree to only use this storage space for the project you request. Each project must be requested separately.
  • You agree to have any data you wish to keep copied off the storage space by the project end date. Files will be permanently deleted 1 week after the project end date.

Once you have completed the storage space request form, read the terms of use and then select the checkbox "I agree to all of the TSC Storage Space Terms of Use".


Your space will be set up within 48 hours, often-times earlier. Regardless, you will receive a confirmation email when the folder has been activated.



From any TSC Lab computer using Mac OSX,

  • Double click on the "Connect to TSC Drive" icon on the desktop.
    You will be automatically connected to the TSC Drive with your EagleNet username and password.
  • You may need to enter your EagleNet username and password. After successfully logging in, a window will appear for you to select which project folder to open. Choose the folder, then click Ok.
  • The drive will appear on the desktop. To open it, double click the icon.


If you're using the drive with iMovie or Garageband, be sure to read the Wiki articles on Using the TSC Storage Drive with iMovie or Using the TSC Storage Drive with Garageband to ensure you're copying and restoring files correctly. 


If you're hesitant about using the drive, please ask the student Lab Assistant working at the front desk.


  • Any questions related to the use of the TSC Drive can be directed to Tiffanie Tran, TSC Project Developer at