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Computer Labs and Lounges

Although a majority of Juniata's students bring a computer with them to campus, we recognize the value of having additional computers available for student use. Whether it be to quickly check your email between classes, a place to escape to from your dorm room, or a back-up if your computer doesn't want to cooperate, these labs are conveniently located across campus for your use. Some of these machines may have specialized software packages or hardware available to make them better suited for specific uses, but all have access to the campus network, basic software, and access to additional software through our application server.

Public Labs and Lounges

Juniata has numerous labs conveniently located throughout campus for student use. Some of these labs are used for classes, but are available for public use between classes and in the evenings.

  • Ellis Hall Cyber Cafe (no classes)
  • von Liebig Center for Science 2073 View Schedule
  • Brumbaugh Academic Center C102 View Schedule
  • Brumbaugh Academic Center B201 View Schedule
  • Brumbaugh Academic Center TLT Lab (C107)
  • Kepple Integrated Media and Studio Arts Building 113 View Schedule
  • Kepple Integrated Media and Studio Arts Building 114 View Schedule

Departmental Labs

In addition to the public labs on campus there are several labs maintained by academic departments. These labs are often used for classes and projects by the departments, but also serve to provide additional computing resources to students of those departments.

Simplified Studio

The Simplified Studio, located in Brumbaugh Academic Center, provides easy-to-use, one button video capture capabilities for students and instructors working on projects for class.  Please visit for instructions on the usage of the studio or to make a reservation.

L.A. Beeghly Library

Public computers in Beeghly Library are located on the ground floor near the reference desk. Beeghly Library also has wireless access and several network ports throughout the library to allow students to connect laptops to the campus network. For more information on Beeghly Library, please visit