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Purchasing a Computer

Juniata has partnered with both Dell and Apple to provide computers to students at a discounted rate. If you are considering buying a new computer for your time at Juniata, please take a look at our recommended computer specifications and then consider visiting Dell, Apple or our preferred local vendor linked below to receive the best price.

Buying a Dell?

Students interested in purchasing a Dell computer may do so at a reduced price. Click here to receive this discount while purchasing a Dell online.

Maybe a Mac Instead?

Visit the Juniata College custom store with Apple. This store allows students, faculty and other college employees to purchase their computers at educational prices. (NOTE: At certain times of the year, Apple will offer additional discounts or free iPods with a purchase. Be sure to check the terms of these deals to make sure you are following the necessary steps, as the offers usually can't be added later.)

If you still have questions, feel free to contact the help desk at 814-641-3619 or at, and we will gladly assist you.