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Moodle - Flipgrid How To

Step 1 – Sign up for FREE Flipgrid account  

  1. Signing up is free! 
    1. Use your Microsoft account (JC Email)  
  2. Access this link - - and click “Signup with Microsoft”  
    1. Enter your school provided email, you will need to provide your birthday to prove you are over 18, share your location and the type of community you want to create  
  3. Your Flipgrid account is all setup  


Step 2 – Creating a Group  

  1. Name your group  
    1. Set your permissions (this means who can join your group)  
      1. I would recommend using “Student Emails” option – guaranteed way of only your students accessing your group  
  2. Click “Create Group” when finished  

Step 3 – Share your Group  

  1. Share the join Code or link with your students  
  2. Select the blue share button to access a join link and Code  
  3. To join the code or link  
    1. PC’s, MAC, Chromebooks: go to  
    2. iPad, iPhone, Android: you can download the free flip grid app  
    3. The option to have an app makes this easily accessible for students regardless of where they are at 
  4. You can embed directly into Moodle 
    1. When you are in your educator account, select the “Share” option, then click the blue “Copy Embed Code” (second option) 
    2. When you log into your Moodle course, turn on the editing and follow the steps like you are adding in an URL 

Flipgrid is its own separate video platform, you cannot place grades on a Flipgrid “assignment” (if you would want to you have to manually create an assignment in Moodle and enter them that way).