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2020-2021 Technology Strategy

Campus Technology Services


The mission of Juniata’s Campus Technology Services (CTS) Division is to provide the leadership, infrastructure, and support mechanisms to ensure a campus technology ecosystem that operationally and strategically supports: 1) a student-centered living and learning experience, and 2) a productive, efficient, informed, and engaged campus community. This mission serves Juniata and our Strategic Plan: Courage to Act as both a foundational and interwoven element necessary to guide us into the future.

Technology Strategy & Goals

There are 5 overarching strategies which have been vetted by the IT Governance Committee and that guide our work to enhance digital transformation and increase digital dexterity at Juniata.  These strategies shape our goals and objectives which are aligned to the current Pillars of the Strategic Plan: Scholarship, Community, Distinctiveness, Resources, and Presence.

2020-2021 Technology Goals

Incorporate Strategies & Solutions that Enhance Student Learning

  • Create strategies and deliver services that will support and enhance digital literacy. [SCHOLARSHIP/PRESENCE/DISTINCTIVENESS]
    • Build on HyFlex momentum and SoTL partnership to continue professional development in online teaching and increase Faculty adoption and use of supportive and modern technology tools.
    • Partner with campus entities (SoTL, Accessibility, Learning Services) to deliver outreach programming, resources, and training.
  • Provide leadership for the design of physical spaces and virtual environments to incorporate appropriate technology and promote effective teaching methods. [SCHOLARSHIP/DISTINCTIVENESS]
    • Deploy new classroom and lab technology in support of HyFlex teaching and learning.
    • Contribute to the virtual Learning Commons website.
    • Work with Learning Services to evaluate alternative bookstore solutions
    • Update necessary technology infrastructure in classrooms, labs, etc.
  • Provide leadership, direction, and support for the strategic growth of undergraduate and graduate online education. [RESOURCES/PRESENCE/DISTINCTIVENESS]
    • Improve commitment to the online course development process and timeline to improve course quality and student experience.
    • Support the development and successful delivery of new online courses and programs, following Quality Matters Standards. 
    • Assess Undergraduate Online Learning (Winter/Summer)
  • Provide experiential learning opportunities for and seek innovative ideas/feedback from students. [COMMUNITY]

Provide a Reliable & Modern Infrastructure

  • Maintain reliable technology infrastructure by replacing aging technology and keeping systems updated. [ALL PILLARS]
    • Complete Network Upgrades
    • Decommission the old phone system
    • Finish Deployment & Fine-tune WiFi deployment
    • Complete necessary network upgrades and replacements.
    • Replace and Upgrade critical servers
    • Update Laptop/Computer Replacement & Re-institute WinDeploy
    • Esports Network Upgrades
    • Enrollment Center Conference Room Upgrades
    • Upgrade Knox Stadium Press Box Connection

Improve Business Efficiency & Strengthen Data Management

  • Improve campus wide awareness of technology training resources empowering individuals to effectively leverage technology in their work. [RESOURCES]
  • Establish a more robust and formal approach to data management, reporting, and functional expertise. [RESOURCES]
  • Implement solutions that create efficiencies. [COMMUNITY/RESOURCES]

Ensure Data & Network Security

  • Reduce cyber security related IT risk through policy, training, and user education. [PRESENCE]
    • Ensure broad distribution and adoption of the new written information security plan.
    • Leverage the NCFTA for further policy evaluation and development.
    • Complete National Cyber Security Awareness Month.
  • Improve security and resilience of network and server infrastructure. [RESOURCES]

Uphold an Adaptable, Positive, Innovative, & Well-Developed Team

  • Create a clearly defined technology strategy that is informed by technology governance, institutional strategy, and risk management. [ALL PILLARS]
  • Re-align the team and provide continued growth and learning experiences through cross-training, mentoring, and professional development. [ALL PILLARS]