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Moodle - Enabling Self-Enrollment and Adding an Enrollment Key
  1. Navigate to and click “Log in” in the upper right corner  
  2. Enter your EagleNet username and password 
  3. Navigate to your course by clicking on the course title in your Dashboard 
  4. Navigate to the Administration block (typically left side panel, if not moved by the “teacher”) and click on the small arrow next to “Users”. 
  5. In the drop-down menu click "Enrolment methods"
  6. In the "Self-enrolment (Student)" line, under "Edit", click the eye icon to allow students to self-enroll. 
  7. Students will now be able to self-enroll into your course. 

To add an enrollment key, continue from step 7... 

  1. From the same screen, click the "settings" button in the "Self-enrolment" line 
  2. In the enrolment, key box type a one-word password that your students will use to enroll in the course. This word should be an easy, lowercase word.  
    1. Ie: Course title: Introduction to Students with Exceptionalities  
    2. Password: student 
  3. To show the password click the "eye" symbol next to the text box 
  4. Scroll down and click "Save change"
  5. IMPORTANT: In your welcome email, please let students know they will self-enroll in your course and provide them with a direct link to the course and the enrolment key. Please explain to students it is all lowercase.