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Moodle - Creating Groups at the Course Level
  1. Navigate to Moodle, log on, and click the course you would like to create groups in.  
  2. On the left side, in the “Administration” box, click “Users” for the drop-down menu to appear.  
  3. Click “Groups”.  This will bring you to a new screen.  
  4. On this screen, you can create groups – automatically (computer generated) or manually.  
  5. To create a group, click “Create Group”. Fill out the needed information – ie “Group Name”.  Click “Save Changes”. 

Manually Generate Groups  

To manually add groups, click on the group you want then click “Add/Remove Users”. A new screen will appear, click on the users you want to add or remove from group. Then click “Back to Groups”.  

Computer Generated Groups  

To automatically create groups, click “Auto-create groups” after creating the group name in step “5” - fill in the needed areas and make sure to put the number of people in each group. These will be randomly generated.