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Moodle - (Bongo) How to Add an Instructional Video

***If you have already created a bongo assignment in your course, skip to step #12. 

  1. Navigate to your Moodle course 
  2. Turn Editing on 
  3. Go to the week you would like to add your video 
  4. Click “Add an activity or resource” 
  5. Click on “Bongo” and Click “Add” 
  6. Give the video a title under “Activity name” 
  7. Under the grade drop-down section, in “Type” click “None” 
  8. Click “Save and Display” 
  9. Bongo will launch in your web browser 
  10. Under the “Class Creation” pop-up window, click “New” and “Next”.  
  11. The next screen will say “A new link ‘xxxx’ was detected. Do you want to use deep linking for this class?”, Click “Yes”.  
  12. Click “New assignment” 
  13. Select the first icon for “Individual Assignment” (first icon of one person) 
  14. Next type in the instructions for the video. (Can be as simple as “Watch this Video”) 
  15. Upload video to the instruction area 
  16. Next, turn off “Peer Review” 
  17. Click “Show Advanced” 
  18. Then click on the camera and calendar icons to disable this functionality 
  19. Click Save