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Portfolium Instructions for Faculty

If you are having students submit multiple drafts, link ONLY the final version to Portfolium for upload.

If you experience any difficulties, you should FIRST go to the Portfolium website ( ) and after logging in (which you can do through  the “My Juniata Login” at the bottom), use the Chat box (usually in the lower right-hand corner).

This chat function is strongly encouraged by Portfolium and is where you and your students should first go when experiencing problems. Since Portfolium is a stand-alone product not housed directly at Juniata, we have very little ability to make changes on our side. This is why going through Portoflium help is usually necessary.

If you are unable to get assistance through chat, ask for someone to contact you another way and if you still can’t resolve the problem, contact Phil Dunwoody so that he can follow up with Portfolium. 

Step-by-step Moodle instructions with video tutorial:

Quick step guide:

  1. Log into your Moodle course 
  2. Turn “Editing On” 
  3. Click on “Add an activity or resource”  
  4. Click “External Tool” 
  5. Click “Add”  
  6. On the new screen, add the following information 
  7. Activity Name, this must include “Signature Assignment -” to ensure Juniata is able to complete our Institutional Assessment of the new GE curriculum 
  8. Preconfigured Tool Dropdown: select “Portfolium”  
  9. Grade (select a grade out of 100 points or set to none)  
  10. Click “Save and Display” 
  11. Portfolium will then open and you will be prompted to link to the course that is already set up  
  12. Make sure the title is correct (See step 6a.) 
  13. Enter directions 
  14. Enter at least 1 skill (students can add more when they upload their assignment) 
  15. Enter due date/time 
  16. Enter at least 1 category 
  17. Select grading options – for grades out of 100pts, choose "numeric".  If you do NOT want the grade to report back to Moodle, select Pass/Fail.   
  18. IMPORTANT! - Under Advanced options, change “project visibility”, to “Keep student work private after submission” OR “Student work is sensitive and cannot be shared” 
  19. Click “Create Assignment” 
  20. Close the Portfolium window