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Using Calendly to Book Office Hours


If you choose to use Calendly to book office hour appointments, you can only have one event type without paying for a premium account. This means you can only choose one location (in person or on Zoom). However, it is always possible to choose one or the other and have students specify in the description which they would prefer.

  1. Head to
  2. Log in with your Juniata e-mail and password. This should allow for the automatic placement of the bookings created in Calendly onto your Outlook calendar.
  3. If there are already meeting options in place, such as the 60 Minute Meeting show in the photo below, delete them using the drop-down settings button in the upper right corner and click the “Delete” button.



     4.  Now click the “New Event Type” in order to set up your office hour appointment scheduler.







     5.  On the following screen choose the “Create” button next to the option of the “One-on-one” meeting type.

     6.  The next page is where you will choose the settings for your office hour appointments. First choose an event name which will make it easy for students to know what they are scheduling. For example, you might choose  “YOURNAME’s Office Hour Appointments” or something similar.

     7. Under “Location” you can choose whether students will be meeting with you in person or over a Zoom meeting. If you would rather have them decide on their preference, leave this blank.

                a.  If you choose to have office hour meetings over Zoom, after choosing Zoom as your location, click the “Zoom integration page” button to connect your Zoom account.

                b. On the Zoom integration page, first click “Connect Zoom”

                c.  Click “Sign in with SSO”

               d.  Type “Juniata” into the box that asks for the domain name

               e.  Sign in with your Juniata email and password

               f.  Click “Authorize”

               g.  Go back to the tab where you were creating your event and refresh the page.

               h.  You may now choose Zoom as your location, and a Zoom link will be automatically created when a student makes an appointment.

     8.  Under “Description” you may leave a short description on what this scheduler is for. An example could be, “This event is to schedule a one-on-one appointment with YOURNAME during office hours.”

     9.  Leave the “Event Link” blank

   10. Choose a color you would like to show for this event and click “Next”

   11. On the next page you will set up which times students can schedule an appointment,

   12. Under “Event Duration” you can choose how long office hour appointments with students will be.

   13. Under “Date Range” choose how many days you want these office hours to be available to students. Choose how many days until the end of the semester. If you do not choose, it will default to 60 days, and you will have to re-create the scheduler in 60 days.

   14. The “Availability” section is where you will choose what days of the week and times students will be able to schedule office hours. Click the time slot under a particular day of the week, choose what time your office hours will be available, and then click “Apply to all DAYOFTHEWEEK” in order to apply this           to every week of the semester. If you are fully unavailable for office hour meetings for a day, click “I’m Unavailable.”

  15. Click “Next”

  16. You will be brought to the page shown below, and then you may copy and paste the link given to share on your Moodle page or elsewhere with your students.












17.  When students use this link to schedule an appointment during office hours, you will receive an e-mail and the meeting will automatically be uploaded to your Outlook calendar.