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Migrating P: Drive files to JC Public File Storage

Accessing the JC Public SharePoint Page

  1. Use the link below to navigate to the JC Public SharePoint page.
  2. If you are not automatically logged in, log in using your Juniata email and password.
  3. Once logged in, click the star button in the upper right corner in order to follow this page. This will give you an easy way to access this page via Microsoft OneDrive.

4. You can now either access this page by using the same link provided above, or by going to Microsoft OneDrive page (link below) if you followed the page using the previous step. After signing in, JCPublic will appear on your Microsoft OneDrive page, under the “Shared Libraries” heading on the menu panel located on the left-hand side of the page.

5. The final way you can access the JCPublic SharePoint page is by going to The Arch. Under “Applications” There is a link titled “JC Public File Storage” that will take you directly to the page.





Finding Your Folder

  1. The JCPublic SharePoint is divided into folders similar to the PDrive such as Academic, Administration, Documents, etc.  

2. Your JCPublic folder will be located within the same folder where it was located in the PDrive. For example, if your folder was located in the “Academic” folder in the PDrive, you would click on the “Academic” folder in SharePoint in order to locate your folder.

3. Once you locate your folder, click on it to open it in order to prepare to transfer files


Uploading Files from the PDrive into SharePoint

  2. If your folder contained other content, use the following steps to upload your files from the PDrive onto the JCPublic SharePoint
  3. Once you open your folder you have two options as to how you can upload your files from the PDrive
  4. The first option is to click on the “Upload” button followed by the “Files” button. This will open up your file storage on your computer, and from here you can navigate to your folder in the PDrive. Select the files you wish to transfer and select OK.



5. The second way you can upload files from the PDrive onto the JCPublic SharePoint page is to click and drag them over. Navigate to your PDrive folder on your computer, select the files you wish to transfer, and click, hold, and drag them over to the JCPublic SharePoint page.

6. Depending on how many and the size of the files you are transferring, this process may take a while regardless of the upload method.

7. With your files uploaded to your file on the JCPublic SharePoint page, they are now viewable by all other faculty, staff, and students.