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Changing Your Security Questions

If you've forgotten the answers to your security questions at, you can change them using these steps.

Step 1) Visit and click on the 'User Registration' link.

Click the 'User Registration' link

Step 2)  It should then prompt you to log in.  Provide your EagleNet username and password

Step 3)  If not already selected, click on the 'Enrollment' tab to view that section

Step 4)  Click on the pencil icon next to 'View my security questions'  item in the 'Security Questions & Answer' area

Click icon/link to edit questions

Step 5) A panel will appear showing your questions.  Click the 'Modify' button.

Step 6) You can then modify your answers to the existing questions or select new question/answer pairs.

Step 7)  When finished, click the 'Update button'