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Connect To and Use Logitech Classroom Technology
  1. Locate the Logitech device hub and find the long black USB cable. Plug the cable into your computer.
  2. Connect your computer to the classroom projection system using an HDMI or RGA cable and adapter if needed. Do not use WePresent to connect to the classroom projection system. Use the remote to turn on the classroom projector.
  3. Open a Zoom meeting.
  4. In Zoom, select the Logitech microphone so that sound from the classroom is shared to the Zoom meeting.
  5. In Zoom, choose one of the following methods of projecting video from the Logitech camera:Change your Zoom video choice to “Logi Group Camera.”
    1. You can then (if you choose) pin this video in Zoom, which disables the active speaker view and only records this video.
    2. Use the “Share Screen” function in Zoom, then click “Advanced” and choose “Content from Second Camera.” This allows you to maintain your laptop camera video view on Zoom so you can both share a view of the classroom and also display your face.
  6. Physically move the camera to gain a desirable view of the classroom. A photo of the camera is shown below.
  7. Fine tune the position of the camera or change the position of the camera as you teach using the Logitech remote. (The receiver on the camera is shown below at right.) You can also use the remote to adjust the microphone volume as needed.