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Using Colleague Self-Service to Search and Register for Courses

Students are able to search for and register for courses using the Self-Service interface by logging in at (available as a link from the 'Applications' tab in the Arch) using their EagleNet credentials.


Choosing Course Offerings:

 Step 1) After logging in, you will be presented with the welcome page.  To search for courses, click on the ‘Course Offerings’ option.

Student Self-Service Home Screen

(Note:  This page can also be accessed by clicking on the ‘Academics’ cap icon on the left and then choosing ‘Course Offerings’)

Student Academics Menu

Step 2) Clicking on that link will take you to a page showing a general listing of academic programs.  To limit the results to a specific term either choose the ‘Advanced Search’ tab or use the filter on the left side after choosing a program.

Search for Courses    Filter Search Results

Step 3) A list of courses should be presented on the right side of the screen.  Locate the course you would like and then click the ‘View Available Sections’ bar below the course description.  This will show details for the available sections, including seats available, schedule days and times, course location and instructor.

Course Offering with Section Info

Step 4) After identifying the section you would like, click the corresponding ‘Add Section to Schedule’ button next to it. 

Step 5) After reviewing the section details that are presented, click the ‘Add Section’ button at the bottom.

Section Details

Step 6) You should receive a notification that the course ‘has been planned on the schedule.’  Note that you are not registered for the course yet, it has just been added to your plan.

Course Planned Message

Using ‘Plan & Schedule’ to Register:

Once you have courses added to your plan, you can use the ‘Plan & Schedule’ feature of Student Planning to view your selected courses and register (once registration opens).

Step 1) Click on the ‘Student Planning’ link at the top of Self-Service or under the Academics cap icon in your left menu. The choose ‘Plan & Schedule’.

Choose Plan & Schedule from Student Planning Menu

Step 2) Please note any restrictions or holds located in the upper right corner.  Some of these holds appear if registration is not currently open to your class, but others may indicate holds placed by the Registrar's Office or Bursar's Office.  Yearly, students will be prompted to confirm their address and emergency contact info using the 'User Options' icon at the bottom of the icon set on the far left of the screen.  You will not be able to rgister while there are holds or restrictions in place.

Student Restrictions

Step 3) It should then show you the courses you have added to your plan on the left and specific sections in a calendar grid on the right.

  • Courses shown in green have been successfully registered and added to your schedule.
  • Courses shown in red indicate a conflict or problem with the registration.
  • Courses shown in yellow have been added to your plan, but have not yet been registered and added to your schedule.

Schedule Grid

Step 4) If registration is currently closed you may see a notification in red in the upper right of your screen and the ‘Register’ button shown with your course sections will be grayed out.

Course Detail with Register Button

Step 4) If registration is currently open and you have no restrictions, the ‘Register’ button will be shown as active and will allow you to register for the course.