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Colleague Video Tutorials

Ellucian provides videos with info on how to use many areas of the Colleague (formerly Datatel) system.  

To access the system you must first establish an Ellucian Customer Center account.  This account provides you access to many Ellucian resources including community forums, the support center and training videos.  If you already have an account, skip to the instructions below for accessing the videos.  If you do not have an account, please sign up by visiting the registration link at

Access On-Demand Training Videos

** NOTE:  Some training in this area is provided as an 'Instructor-led Course' with a fee.  Please speak with your supervisor to determine if your departmental funds can be used for these training opportunities before proceeding with those offerings. **

Step 1) Log in to the Ellucian Cusomer Center at

Step 2) Under the 'Resources' menu located in the top navigation bar, choose 'Training' 

Step 3) Once on the training page, choose 'Training by Product' from the list of options on the right

Step 4) In the 'Student Information System and ERP' section, there is a Colleague category that will take you to a list of available training.  There are also specific categories below the Colleague option to access individual topics.

Step 5) Click the course you would like to watch and then choose the 'Enroll' opton and follow the instructions provided.  Many of the courses are broken in to separate videos, so the duration you see listed is for the whole course not the individual videos.