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Training Opportunities

Campus Technology provides a variety of training resources to members of the campus community:

Online Resources

These online resources are available to you as an employee and can be accessed with your Juniata credentials.

Individualized Training

Individualized training  is designed to help faculty and staff in a one-on-one environment. Scheduling an appointment with one of our team members  will give you the opportunity to work with a knowledgeable coach at a pace that is appropriate for you. Since you aren't in a large group with pre-determined goals, the session is set up to help you with your specific technology needs. Submit a work order to sign up for a session. Please choose "Training" as the category when submitting the ticket.

Technology Workshops

You may access previously recorded training workshops here:  CTS Stream Site

As technology needs are identified for larger groups of people, we attempt to establish technology workshops to address those needs. Workshops are developed to best address specific topics regarding a technology at a pace that should be acceptable to both new comers to the technology as well as to those just looking for some additional tips to support their existing knowledge. To view a list of current technology workshops, please visit

Class Training

Planning a digital media project for one of your classes? Want to create an assignment requiring web development? The Technology Solutions Center staff will consult with you to provide support for your class. Whether you need an in-class demonstration or simply need to know where to store your projects, please give us a call at 3619 or submit a work order .  Please choose "Training" as the category when submitting the ticket.