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Mapping the Drives on a Mac

Step 1) Select Go from the top menu on the desktop, and then select Connect to Server.


 Step 2) In the Server Address: box, type the server name and share name in this format: smb://server/share



(Departments) W: smb://

(Personal Faculty, Staff, and Students) W: smb://

P Drive: smb:// (or smb://

(Students) U: < smb:// (or smb://

(Admin, Faculty & Staff) U: smb:// (or smb://

(All Shares): smb:// (or smb://

Scanning Folders: smb:// (or smb://


Step 3) Click Connect.


Don't know the server or share name?

If you are unsure of your server and/or share name contact the department that created it for you.