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Mapping the Drives on Linux

Step 1)  Click on the Files location (under the SuperUser button) and then click on “Connect to Server”.

Files and then click "Connect to Server"

Step 2)  In the Server Address Box, type smb:// and click Connect. (If you are unsure of the servername, see the list below.)

  • P Drive: smb:// (or smb://
  • U Drive (Admin, Faculty & Staff): smb:// (or smb://
  • Other Shares: smb:// (or smb://
  • W Drive: smb://
  • Scanning Folders: smb:// (or smb://

Step 3)  When connecting to the Network Drive, it will ask you for your credentials.  Be sure to use your Eaglenet username and password.

Provide your credentials?

Step 4)  Once you click Connect, you should see the drive you just mapped in the list on the left.

Drive should now appear


Don't know the server or share name?
If you are unsure of your server and/or share name contact the department that created it for you.