IT Project List

A centralized list of potential IT projects for FY23 and beyond has been gathered and is available at:

    The “Investments” sheet shares projects under consideration that have the opportunity to enhance or improve the campus experience. The “Long-Term Foundational” sheet shares projects that “keep the technology lights on.”
    If you have a potential technology project that you would like to propose, please work with your area VP and complete a project request form (below) to have the project considered.

Project Request

Juniata College utilizes an IT Project Request Form to collect information about the scope and impact of a proposed technology initiative. (Click on the button below to download the request form.) The following information serves as a guideline for requesting IT projects:

  • Common requests include new software applications, new cloud services, new hardware, and/or enhancements to existing technology solutions.
  • General IT project requests are accepted and reviewed by SLT several times throughout the year.
  • It is highly recommended that you schedule time with a member of the ITS team in the development of your IT project request. To request assistance, please submit a work order.
  • IT project requests must be submitted using this form, and must be approved and submitted by the primary requestor's respective Vice President. If applicable, the respective VP must also identify the source(s) of funds and/or any additional staffing required to successfully implement and maintain the proposed project.
  • If you think your request would require less than 2 hours of IT staff time and doesn't cost any money, it is recommended that you submit a work order. Projects of this size and scope do not require the submission of an IT Project Request Form.
  • Completed IT Project Request Forms should be electronically submitted to by the respective VP.

When reviewing and evaluating projects, the Technology Governance Committee (and if needed, SLT) will consider multiple factors. The availability of resources and the operational capacity of the functional area(s) to implement and maintain the proposed solution will also be considered.

Other factors considered include but are not limited to the following:

  • Impact on Elements of the Strategic Plan
  • Impact on Strategic Plans at the Department & Divisional Level
  • Projected Financial Benefits and/or Operational Efficiency Gains
  • Timeline for Implementation
  • Breadth and Depth of Projected Impact
  • Overall Value to the College
  • Consequences of Not Doing the Project

Members of the Technology Governance Committee can click here to download a copy of the evaluation form.