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  2. Instructional Technology
  1. Accessible Course Design Checklist
    Accessible Course Design Checklist

  2. Adjusting Projection Resolution on a Mac
    This article provides assistance in adjusting your resolution settings.

  3. Blue Snowball Microphone
    Introduction to polar patterns and maximizing the use of a Blue Snowball Microphone.

  4. Bongo - Group Projects Overview and Tutorials

  5. Bongo - Interactive Video Overview and Tutorial

  6. Bongo - Question and Answer Overview and Tutorial

  7. Bookings How To: Scheduling

  8. Bookstore and Textbook Adoption Information for Faculty

  9. Bookstore and Textbook Purchasing Information for Students

  10. Captioning
    How to create captioned media

  11. Computer Labs and Lounges
    Whether it be to quickly check your email between classes, a place to escape to from your dorm room, or a back-up if your computer doesn't want to cooperate, these labs are conveniently located across campus for your use.

  12. Connect To and Use Logitech Classroom Technology
    How to connect your computer to the Logitech webcam and microphone and use with Zoom.

  13. Connect to the WePresent Wireless Projection Units
    Learn how to connect your Mac, PC, or mobile device to the projectors wirelessly.

  14. FlipGrid - Getting Started

  15. GoBoard - Accessing a Whiteboard
    How to create a new whiteboard or access a previous whiteboard with GoBoard.

  16. GoBoard - Creating an account
    Create an account to use with GoBoard so that you can preconfigure your content and return to your whiteboard.

  17. Information on Auto Analysis for Bongo (Link)

  18. Moodle - (Bongo) How to Add an Instructional Video

  19. Moodle - Activity Completion

  20. Moodle - Adding a File

  21. Moodle - Adding an URL

  22. Moodle - Adding Users to your Moodle Course

  23. Moodle - Changing the start date and deleting sections

  24. Moodle - Course Layouts
    A course format refers to the layout of a course.

  25. Moodle - Creating a Q&A Forum
    Instead of initiating discussions, participants pose a question in the initial post of a discussion. Students may reply with an answer, but they will not see the replies of other students to the question in that discussion until they have replied to the same discussion.

  26. Moodle - Creating a Quiz

  27. Moodle - Creating a Single Simple Discussion Forum
    A single topic discussion developed on one page, which is useful for short focused discussions (cannot be used with separate groups)

  28. Moodle - Creating a Standard Forum for General Use
    An open forum where anyone can start a new topic at any time; this is the best general-purpose forum.

  29. Moodle - Creating a Standard Forum in Blog-Like Format

  30. Moodle - Creating an Assignment

  31. Moodle - Creating Groups at the Course Level

  32. Moodle - Enabling Self-Enrollment and Adding an Enrollment Key

  33. Moodle - Enrolling in a Course
    How to find and enroll in a course within Moodle

  34. Moodle - Faculty Getting Started Guide - Fall 2022

  35. Moodle - Finding Your Course(s)
    How to find your courses in Moodle

  36. Moodle - Gradebook: Add a Grade Item and then grade the Grade Item
    This How-to shows the steps needed to add a Grade Item to a Course's Gradebook and then score the newly created item.

  37. Moodle - Importing a previously made Questionnaire

  38. Moodle - Importing Content and Enabling a Course
    Moodle courses are now automatically created from our Course Schedule, but if you want to move content from a previous semester you will still need to import info.

  39. Moodle - Making a Course Visible

  40. Moodle - Participant Pronouns Block
    Knowledge base article which shows how-to add the Participant Pronoun Block to a Moodle Course.

  41. Moodle - Peer Review on Bongo (Student)

  42. Moodle - Question Bank

  43. Moodle - Re-add the Course Overview Block
    The following video shows how to re-add the Course Overview Block

  44. Moodle - Remove Student from Course
    Instructions for faculty to remove students from their roster in Moodle when they are no longer in the course.

  45. Moodle - Student Upload to Bongo Assignment

  46. Moodle - To View Your Assignment as a Student

  47. Moodle - Types of Questions in Moodle Quiz
    This defines the requirements for each question type in Moodle Quiz.

  48. Moodle - Upload a Document/File

  49. Moodle - Viewing the Student Outline Report

  50. Moodle/Bongo - Issues Accessing a Video
    If you get a message saying 'Authentication is Required' when attempting to watch a video in Moodle, it may be a cookie setting.

  51. Portfolium Instructions for Faculty
    Basic instructions for faculty using Portfolium

  52. Simplified Studio - Tech Note
    The following tech note details an issue reported when no audio occurs on certain scenes.

  53. Simplified Studio - Troubleshooting Guide
    Troubleshooting document for the Simplified Studio .

  54. Student Upload to Bongo
    How to upload a video assignment to Moodle using Bongo (updated 2019)

  55. Student View in Portfolium

  56. Student: Moodle - I just added a course, how do I get into Moodle?

  57. Using the Classroom Remote
    How to use the remote in the classrooms to control the projectors.

  58. Using the Extron Machine
    How to use a podium in a classroom with an Extron box. It will be located somewhere on the podium. If there is no Extron box on the podium, you will not need to follow these steps.

  59. Using the Simplified Studio
    How to use the Simplified Studio.

  60. Using Your iPhone Camera to Show Your Work with Zoom
    By connecting your iPhone/iPad to your laptop via USB you can use the camera on that device to show your work.

  61. Zoom - Creating a Password when Scheduling a Meeting on Website
    Create a password for your Zoom meetings to avoid uninvited attendees.

  62. Zoom - Creating link and Sharing Recording

  63. Zoom - How to Delete Recordings

  64. Zoom - Log on with your Juniata account
    Log in to your Juniata College Zoom account using your network credentials.

  65. Zoom - Setting a Password for Personal Meetings
    Create a password to avoid unwanted participants in your personal meetings

  66. Zoom Specific Tutorials