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   Security & Maintenance [24]
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  2. Security & Maintenance
  1. Changing Your Password
    How to change your Juniata password.

  2. Cleaning Space on Your Computer
    Hard drive running out of space? Here are some suggestions on how to identify why.

  3. Disk Cleanup: PC
    How to cleanup your PC to improve its speed.

  4. Disk Defragmentation: PC
    If you PC is slow, disk defragmentation may improve its speed.

  5. Information & Data Classification, Storage, and Sharing
    Juniata College is strongly committed to maintaining the security of sensitive institutional data that it<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> collects and creates. Juniata expects all those who have access to such data to treat this data with the<br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> <br /> utmost care.

  6. Install an Anti-Virus Program
    Some suggestions on supported anti-virus programs.

  7. Mac OSX Hard Drive Encryption with FileVault
    Information on how to encrypt the hard drive on your Mac OSX computer using FileVault

  8. Network Account Self-Service Portal
    Account password reset tool information

  9. Password Manager
    Juniata leverages Single Sign On and MFA technology to reduce the number of passwords required to access protected information. For users who need to maintain multiple passwords, we recommend the use of a password manager.

  10. Personal Computer Support
    Need help with your personal (non-college owned) computer? Information on local support options will be posted here.

  11. Remote Support with TeamViewer
    Allow the CTS support staff to help with issues on your machine using TeamViewer.

  12. Removing Bradford And Firepass
    How to remove Bradford and Firepass from your computer.

  13. Supported Windows Anti-Virus Programs
    This list contains the Windows compatible anti-virus programs currently supported by the registration system.

  14. Updating a Windows PC
    How to update your PC with Windows.

  15. Updating Your Apple Device
    How to update the software on your iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

  16. What To Do After You Change Your Password
    If you have recently changed your password, please follow these steps to update your credentials and account lockouts.

  17. Windows 10 Hard Drive Encryption with BitLocker
    Information on how to encrypt the hard drive on your Windows 10 computer using BitLocker