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TV Setup Help

Note: Only TV's with a QAM tuner will work. Please check if your TV has a QAM tuner before purchasing. 

High-definition (HD) programming from Comcast is delivered to our on-campus academic and administrative buildings and residence halls: Pink, Mission, Nathan, Tussey, Terrace, Sunderland, Sherwood, Cloister, East, Lesher, and South.  The full channel-lineup is available at T.V. Listings.

Having trouble connecting your TV? Try these basic solutions!

  • Make sure that Cable (NOT ANT or ANTENNA) is selected from within your setup menu.
  • Re-scan for channels on your TVs in order to receive the new channel line-up.  
    • Hit the Menu button and look through your menu until you find Channel Scan, then select it. The channel scan option is often found under Setup or Channels.
    • If your TV has a separate analog and digital scan, you must choose the digital channel scan.
  • Older TVs without a QAM tuner are not able to receive cable channels on campus. Most TVs manufactured after 2007 include a QAM tuner. In order to determine if your television is compatible, please check with your manufacturer or refer to your television manual. 

If you do not have a QAM tuner, you may be able to purchase a QAM converter for your TV. Below are a few links with Comcast-suggested external QAM converters available for purchase.

Disclaimer: The Juniata CTS department does not endorse these products, but will provide necessary support to the best of our ability.



If you're still having problems after trying these steps, submit a work order at JCTicket or call the TSC at 814-641-3619.