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Using Student Print Jobs

Instructions on how to add the campus-wide printers to your personal computer can be found in our knowledge base at Once you've installed Student Print Jobs on your computer, you can send a print job how you normally would at home, except use Student Print Jobs on JCPRINT as the printer.


When you click "Print" from your computer, you'll be able to go to any MFD on campus and pick up your print job. Student MFD Printers are located in: 

Location Mobile Printing Color Printing
Beeghly Library Yes Yes
Brumbaugh Academic Center - Technology Solutions Center (C107) Yes Yes
Brumbaugh Academic Center - Physics (P201) No No
Ellis College Center - 2nd Floor Yes Yes
Good Hall - 2nd Floor Yes No
Good Hall - 4th Floor No No
IMSA - 1st Floor No Yes
Tussey/Terrace - Global Commons Yes No
vonLiebig Center for Science - 2nd Floor Yes Yes
Residence Halls
East Houses Yes No
Nathan Hall Yes No
South Hall Yes No
Sunderland Hall Yes No



Step 1) Go to any printer listed above and type your student ID number into the number pad. Your ID number is the 7-digit number located in the lower right corner of your Gold Card. If the number on your Gold Card contains only six digits, add a zero to the beginning of the number to make 7 digits. (For example: if your number is 123456, then your PIN is 0123456).

Step 2) After you enter your ID number, press the Login button in the lower-right corner of the touchscreen.

Step 3) Press the 'Follow-You Printing' button to view your list of available print jobs.

Step 4) Press on the name of the print job, then click the Print button on the left-side of the touchscreen or the green Start button in the lower right. You can also click Print & Save to access the same job again at a later time or use the 'Force B/W' to make sure your document prints in black and white instead of color (additional info below).

Step 5) When you're finished printing, click the Logout button in the lower left or upper right. When presented a screen showing a summary of your print actions, click the button labeled OK in the bottom-right corner of the touchscreen to finish logging out.



Students have a $10.00 printing credit each semester.  Each page you print in color will deduct 5 cents from your balance while black and white prints will deduct 1 cent.  

If you send a job from your computer with color printing enabled and use a printer with color capabilities (TSC, Library, etc), it will print in color and you will be charged for color.  If you want to print a document in black and white but you selected color when printing from your computer, you can select the name of the job and then press the 'Force B&W' button then the 'Print' button to ensure the document prints in black and white and that you won't be charged for color.   If you need help changing the default settings on your computer so that it always prints in B&W and double-sided, please come to the TSC in BAC C107 - one of our Lab Assistants would be happy to help.

If you have any questions, please call the Technology Solutions Center x3619 or visit us at BAC C107.