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How to create a video quiz using Kaltura on Moodle


Step 1) Log in to Moodle

Step 2) Select your Moodle Course

Step 3) Turn Editing on

Step 4) Click on “Add an activity or resource”

Step 5) In the resources tab select either label or page

  • Label- to display your video directly on your Moodle course

  • Page- to not display your video directly on your Moodle course

Step 6) Select the Kaltura Media Button 

Step 7) Upload Files 

  • Click on Add New 

 Then Click video quiz 

  • Select upload media if you need to import your file or select the already uploaded file. 

Step 8) Select all of the general settings for the quiz and apply them

Step 9) Create Quiz Questions

  • Click the play button and stop the video where you want to add a question

  • Select the “+” icon

Step 10) Next type in your question and answers. 

  • The green box is where the correct answer should go

  • The top left black icon shuffles the different answers around

Step 11) Select preview quiz 

Step 12) Select back to Browse and Embed

Step 13) Select the video quiz you created 

Step 14) Click embed

Step 15) Click on save and display

If you have any questions, please call the Technology Solution Center x3619 or visit us at BAC C107