CTS Staff

Campus Technology Services (CTS) exists to provide technology that enables and facilitates advanced learning and understanding of the world we live in. CTS is comprised of three technology organizations, working together to create a helpful and productive technological environment for the entire Juniata Community. The divisions of CTS are Administrative Information Services (AIS), Campus Network and Security (CNS), and the Technology Solutions Center (TSC).

Department Photo

Campus Technology Services

  • Anne Wood - Assistant VP and Chief Information Officer (BAC A210/ext. 5310)
  • Brenda Roll - Assistant to the VP/CIO (BAC A214/ext. 3618)

Administrative Information Services (AIS)

Administrative Information Services is responsible for the computer systems that support the business and administrative tasks of the college, such as registration, grading, financial aid, payroll, purchasing, and accounting.

  • Lisa O'Dellick - Programmer Analyst (BAC A315/ext. 5308)
  • Sandy Lee - Programmer Analyst (BAC A315/ext. 3310)

Campus Network and Security (CNS)

Campus Network and Security at Juniata College is the support center for Juniata's campus-wide network system, known as EagleNet. EagleNet provides connectivity for faculty, administration, students and computer labs. CNS staff is responsible for the network infrastructure, servers, RAS (Remote Access Services), VPN (Virtual Private Networking), and telephone connectivity.

  • Joe Tyler - Director of Campus Network and Security (BAC A214/ext. 3617)
  • Larry Price - Senior Server Administrator (BAC A220/ext. 5324)
  • Ray Cianci - Telecommunications Analyst (BAC A220/ext. 3739)
  • Mike Sellers - Server Administrator (BAC A214/ext. 3611)
  • Nate DeCriscio - Network Administrator (BAC A229/ext. 3730)

the Technology Solutions Center

The Technology Solutions Center is the home of the Help Desk, Teaching Learning Technologies, and Web Development Department. The Solutions Center staff is responsible for technology training, development of web-based applications, and supporting all faculty workstations, lab workstations and instructional technology used in the classrooms. This group relies heavily on student employees to help provide the necessary services to the campus and even gives several of the students full management roles within the organization.

  • Joel Pheasant - Director of the Technology Solutions Center (BAC C103/ext. 5334)
  • Justine Black - Assistant Director of Instructional Technology (BAC A210/ext. 5349)
  • Zachiary Fultz - Solutions Center Technical Leader (BAC C103/ext. 3619)
  • Gary Feagley - Information Technology Support Specialist (BAC C103/ext. 3619)
  • T.J. Anderson - Information Technology Support Specialist (BAC C103/ext. 3619)
  • William Moschella - Information Technology Support Specialist (BAC C103/ext. 3619)
  • Nick McBride - Senior Web Developer (BAC C103/ext. 3737)

Student Management and Staffing

By employing many student workers, CTS benefits from the student perspective and insight that they bring to the organization. These opportunities give the students a chance gain practical experience in the implementation and management of technology in a large organization.

  • Nate Matthews - Student Project Manager, TSC (BAC C107)
  • Maiya Mastovich - Student Training Manager, TSC (BAC C107)
  • Jacob Novak - Student Video Production Team Manager, TSC (BAC C107)
  • Fisher Stroud - Student Video Production Team Assistant Manager, TSC (BAC C107)
  • Sky Vance - Student Project Team Manager, TSC (BAC C107)
  • Gigi Picozzi - Server/Network Support, CNS (BAC A214)
  • Plus about 30 additional students providing software and hardware support, technology coaching and training, and video production.