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  1. Off Campus Resources
    Top » » Connecting Remotely
    Please see the list below for the resources that can be accessed from an off campus (home/public) Internet connection:: - Juniata College Main Web Site - Secure Web Access to Juni...
  2. Video Submissions for a Moodle Assignment
    Top » » Instructional Technology
    Faculty are able to add assignments to Moodle that will allow for students to supply video projects. In Moodle, create a new assignment for your students with a submission type of ‘Online Text’.  (This could also be a discussi...
  3. Adding Video Content to Your Moodle Course
    Top » » Instructional Technology
    Digital video storage is provided for your courses in Moodle through a cloud hosted service from Kaltura.  To include video in your course content or assignments, please follow these steps: Turn editing on and click the ‘Edit’ or ...
  4. How to create a video quiz using Kaltura on Moodle
    Top » » Instructional Technology
      Step 1) Log in to Moodle Step 2) Select your Moodle Course Step 3) Turn Editing on Step 4) Click on “Add an activity or resource” Step 5) In the resources tab select either label or page Label- to ...