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  1. (Staff Only) Installing Adobe Applications on Your Campus Computer
    You can install any of the applications installed in the Adobe suite on your Juniata computer if it doesn't already have them.

  2. Connecting to Your Website in Contribute
    Connecting your website in Adobe Contribute to edit it.

  3. Installing Office 365: Mac
    How to install Office 365 on your Mac.

  4. Installing Office 365: PC
    Installing Office 365 on your PC. Office 365 includes Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, and more.

  5. Software Available on Appserver
    Some software is available by connecting to the college's application server.

  6. Using OneDrive to Share Files
    Similar to Google Drive or Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive can be used to share files with other Juniata users. (All Juniata users have 1TB of storage)