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  2. Instructional Technology
  1. Adding Video Content to Your Moodle Course
    This article discusses how to store content in Kaltura for use in Moodle

  2. Adjusting Projection Resolution on a Mac
    This article provides assistance in adjusting your resolution settings.

  3. Computer Labs and Lounges
    Whether it be to quickly check your email between classes, a place to escape to from your dorm room, or a back-up if your computer doesn't want to cooperate, these labs are conveniently located across campus for your use.

  4. Connect to the WePresent Wireless Projection Units
    Learn how to connect your Mac, PC, or mobile device to the projectors wirelessly.

  5. How to create a video quiz using Kaltura on Moodle
    This article will show you how to embed quizzes into your class lecture videos through Kaltura.

  6. Importing Content and Enabling a Moodle Course
    Moodle courses are now automatically created from our Course Schedule, but if you want to move content from a previous semester you will still need to import info.

  7. Moodle Video Issues
    Occasionally issues arise when using a video for a course in Moodle. Here are some solutions to common problems.

  8. Saving iMovie Files To The TSC Drive
    Where to save your iMovie files when using the TSC Drive.

  9. Using the Classroom Remote
    How to use the remote in the classrooms to control the projectors.

  10. Using the Extron Machine
    How to use a podium in a classroom with an Extron box. It will be located somewhere on the podium. If there is no Extron box on the podium, you will not need to follow these steps.

  11. Using the Simplified Studio
    How to use the Simplified Studio.

  12. Using The TSC Drive
    How to reserve space and use the TSC Drive.

  13. Video Submissions for a Moodle Assignment
    These instructions will help you to set up an assignment where students are able to upload videos.